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Bankruptcy Means Test

"Bankruptcy represents a longstanding commitment in this country to helping people get a fresh start. This principle has never been giving only certain people a fresh start." - Tim Johnson

What is The Bankruptcy Means Test?

One of the most significant changes in the 2005 Bankruptcy Code amendments is the addition of a Means Test. The Means Test was implemented as a method to eliminate bad faith filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. Prior to the amendments, the Bankruptcy Code did not prohibit someone with disposable income from filing a Chapter 7, except in extreme cases.

It is now considered bad faith if someone files a Chapter 7 where he/she/they would have the ability to pay at least 25% of their unsecured debt over 5 years. The Means Test incorporates local and national standards for income and expenses to determine whether a presumption of bad faith would arise if a debtor choses to file a Chapter 7. If the presumption exists, then that debtor would be required to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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