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"There is no price one could pay to be able to have peace of mind while going thru bankruptcy. Jeff Schatzman delivered that to me day one. It was during a very trying time for me. Jeff and Lisa handled absolutely everything. I am so happy to have met this rare group of professionals. I am also so appreciative of their knowledge, expertise and commitment with integrity. I have a fresh new start. It feels wonderful. Thank you both." - Bonnie P.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Miami

Bankruptcy can help businesses and consumers obtain debt relief and strengthen their financial futures, but the decision to file bankruptcy should be made only after careful analysis of alternative measures.

Before filing any bankruptcy case, we work closely with our clients to determine whether bankruptcy is the best option to accomplish our clients’ goals. Bankruptcy is a tool that can help those who have no alternative means of resolving their debts.

Answers to Common Bankruptcy Questions

The Bankruptcy process can be complex and can raise many questions for those who are considering filing a bankruptcy. Click on the following questions to learn more about the different types of bankruptcies:

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Schatzman & Schatzman, P.A. is a respected bankruptcy law firm located in Miami, Florida. We have successfully helped many South Florida businesses and individuals obtain debt relief to strengthen their financial futures. With over 30 years of bankruptcy and litigation experience, we maintain and provide a high standard of quality service to our clients.

You can trust that your case will be managed diligently by an experienced bankruptcy attorney with the expertise and knowledge to find the best solution for your specific needs.

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